if you can,
take just a sec
suspend your plans,

and breathe. . .

squeeze out a little tear,
even though,
I know,
it doesn’t want to come–

your eyes are tired,
your feelings mired,
and you don’t feel
near prepared
its presence to receive.

But, if you but let but one drop flow,
it’s just the way the world goes,
it’s so much easier
once it’s out
than when it’s in . .

for when you’re real,
the whole wide world
can see and feel
and take you in,

and you will see
you won’t have been destroyed
by such an exodus–
it’s quite a revelation–

that bit by bit
you become much happier
just for the fact
you let it out,
and let be threatened
your only reputation
and put at risk your clout,

and though this seems preposterous,
the proof is nowhere in the pudding–

it comes with daring movement,
even if it’s
falling short
of loud and boisterous–
such as in the subtle outing
of warm salt water sobbing.

And, when anew
for life and love,
your heart restarts its throbbing,

your doubts
will sink
and get quite soft
as great bright hopes
come take their place
and rise
quite gloriously aloft,

as you accept
a grand ingress
of tenderness
and love,
until it’s near impossible
+++++that in the power
+++++of one squeezed
+++++drop of living water
+++++your heart could ever fail to flower
+++++big, wide open,
+++++to the point where you believe.

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