Apply a little discipline–
not the kind
that’s pretty mean,

but the one
that’s truly kind,

which comes along
when you let
roam free your mind
to picture
in its fullness
your life’s dream. . .

take some good, long minutes
where you cut loose
all the limits,
and any looming, lingering strictures
that have no place
your face to engrave,
your make cry your happy belly wishes–

keep them off
your current dreaming team,

take a good, long look. . .

and breathe. . .

and then, get set
to follow it–
for, though it seems
to the smaller corner of your mind
entirely ridiculous,

given all else you might do,
and which things
you’d really rather have
and do,
it’s nowhere near
as crazy as it seems.

So open up
your big, wide sight. . .

feel your guts. . .

expand your mind and heart,
and turn the focus of your life
onto your great, bright dream.

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