Monday’s child is fair of face,
is that
because the moon,
when it shines full,
lights up the night
in absolutely
every place?

And then,
with Tuesday’s child’s epithet,
the puzzle’s even apter
to befuddle yet. . .

we are told
that a child born on
a day named
for a god of war,
would also be called “full of grace,”

from which,
I think we can conclude
not that
they go forth
against their foes,
hostile, armed–

but that
they’re freely smiled upon,
and that,
they, in turn
smile wide and freely
on each member
of the human race–

I ask myself,
“How can this be?”

Perhaps it is a thing
that arises out of need–

if a day
is ruled by war,
then it needs
that many children full of grace
be born into it
so they grow up
and spread out to our planet’s limits
a welcome carpet
once they come
to the fore.

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