When the pressure’s on
and has been on for long
and you fathom no escape. . .

It’s time to open up your jaw
and yell for help. . .

And wait…

And meanwhile,
seek and heed the call,
even if you waver so
you are not sure at all,

Be brave,
stand up each inch as tall
as you are tall,
and then, step forth
to help yourself
that quite illusive exit gate,

and any sane (or crazed solutions seek)
that let you crawl
from dark nadir
to shining peak,

and, once you’re there,
the former you
will be informed
that you and it
are to endure,
as is your very brilliant future,

since that old you’s
long drawn ordeal
has made it strong and warm,
and helped it heal. . .

and feel,
in broad exhale,

as it begins a bit to tremble,
at the very sight of you,
in awe,

So all that will be left for it
is to appreciate and sit
and with you remain incorporate,
as it lingers in its stare
with open jaw
and drooping lips
in one epic, chasmic gape,

and know you both will journey on
to even better, brighter lands,
which brighter still you’ll make,
as you do join
with many other hands,

And the deeds that you
together do
will span out far
for miles and smiles
and all shall reap
what you have sown
that has so grown
that it will very long

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