You wish new habits
that can ring
the trueness of your life right in,
a time more lovingly aligned
with your whole being,
heart and mind. . .

First, think a bit. . .
then pick some thing
you think will work for you,
and give it now a go.

Then, if it works, keep at it. . .
and some day soon
or later,
it will become a habit.

And if that pick
should fail to get your fire lit
do not despair. . .

just drop it like a cold potato–
and let the others have it.

But if the habit
feels a fit,
but the effort
drags or lingers on a bit,

persist with will through
all trials of training fingers–
keep up good work
and do not leave it–

And those good things
so strange and new
that you have specially wished
for you–
though they bolt in
as from the blue–
they are the gifts
that you have claimed
by doing good to you,

So, revel in
that bounteous stash
that’s come to you
in one quick flash,
like seeming sparkling magic,

and take each box
with loving care. . .

Then dive in!–
Tug off that pretty bow,
remove the paper
fast or slow–
anyway you like or know–
but be sure
to unwrap it!

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