When your
deepest spirit’s will
its urgent voice
shall raise,

+++++the sound
++++++++++your ears to fill,
++++++++++the time to seize
++++++++++to put in gear
++++++++++your lazy knees
+++++your soul
++++++++++to recognize the call
++++++++++for what it is,
++++++++++and truly hear it. . .
+++++your courage
++++++++++to apprise the hurdle
++++++++++in your path–
+++++your legs
++++++++++to bound
++++++++++and clear it. . .

So that,
later on,
you won’t have to choose
twixt feeling-squelching
and regretful,
+++++welling tears
+++++for your persistent
+++++habit rat succumbness. . .

you surely know
by now
your will’s power,
riding high,
could stay up there
+++++for just one hour
++++++++++for you to hem and haw
++++++++++before you finally scoot
++++++++++to get your body and your will
++++++++++in full cahoots,

+++++it would even sooner sour–
++++++++++the time for you
+++++++++++++++to seize the helm,
++++++++++take charge
+++++++++++++++of your life’s driving barge,
++++++++++corral that will
+++++++++++++++into your realm,
++++++++++and then,
++++++++++be sure
++++++++++to use it well
+++++++++++++++within it. . .

+++++All this
+++++might well turn out to be
+++++a task you’d miss,
+++++like another a bygone dance
+++++you thought you’d swing
+++++to mimic,
+++++but when you waited
+++++one more sec,
+++++that one brief chance
+++++waltzed swiftly by–
+++++in one tiny, minute

So, the next time
+++++your will
+++++comes round to call,
+++++see whether
+++++these words you can recall,

one by one,
+++++your wishes
+++++can come true–

+++++when you seize that little shot of will,
++++++++++burst maybe from
+++++the yonder blue,

+++++it certainly is possible–
+++++if not
+++++for this now-bygone cycle,
+++++for the next one
+++++that along shall roll–
+++++can be paid to you,
+++++in full,

+++++though you think you must
+++++repeat the same old
+++++disappointing tale–
+++++and maybe,
+++++some more times,
+++++you will–
+++++keep those wishes
+++++well in mind,
+++++and see the repetition
+++++max out to its limit,

+++++you’ll find,
+++++the time will come
+++++you cannot fail–
+++++once you know
+++++the route you really
+++++want to go,
+++++how different to begin it.

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