R – e – l – e – a – s – e
your fear. . .

The morning’s here. . .
the sun is up–

Your path lies free. . .

S – t – e – p+++f – o – r – t – h!

+++++your head-toe self,
+++++your brain, your soul,
+++++your joy, your woe–
+++++and all the rest,
in being
+++++who you want to be
+++++and how you want to love and give. . .

Steer clear
+++++of the many many
+++++baits and hooks
+++++that lure you
+++++to the behest
+++++of any
+++++other folks,

And you’ll have found
a heaven on this earthly land,
+++++when you pass through
+++++the former formidable gates,

+++++and claim your own:
++++++++++the life you’ve always
++++++++++deeply longed to live.

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