when hell stares you
straight in the face
and heaven comes
straight from the blue
to surround you in
its loving grace,

and though again
the face of hell will come
to chill you
with its frightening eyes,
and pull your trip to grace
back in reverse,

perspective shows
things could be worse,

and then
all of a sudden,
heaven comes back on the scene
with the very grandest entrance,
and sends all hell
into repentance,

or at least,
shoves it back
for now
quite some forbidding distance,

in order that
you will be freed
to live your grandest life,
and be
the way you want,
the way you’re meant to be,

and do the work
for which you’re sent,
in all the glory
of your own, long-polished sheen
surrounded by
your spreading aura
sparkling with the essence
of your presence,
day and night–

once you
and the time
are very ripe.

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