Give yourself a little TLC
and you will see
it works quite well
to charge your very cells
to flow and grow
till your whole body perks,
and starts to glow
as has been shown,

just when you thought
the whole idea
was so perverse,
and didn’t quite believe
that, with a little TLC,
you would’ve got–
oh, really quite a lot
more out of it–
than if your dog
had gnawed
and thrown you back
his bone.

But, as with the secrets
hiding in the cryptic runes,
in the puzzling, sobbing
sort of barks
your dog will sometimes bark,
there’s so much wonder
deep residing
in the space and time
that, for now,
to us seems dark

Therein lies some crucial truth
+++++that heals and grows
+++++the inner verve
+++++and clarity
+++++you used to flaunt
+++++in all temerity
+++++back in your youth

though from those days
you’ve moved long on,

that truth can re-emerge, and rise,
+++++to catch a spark,
+++++which, once it’s come,
+++++rises like the deepest,
+++++truest song
+++++that’s been unsung
+++++for far too long,

+++++but, yet,
+++++before our very eyes
++++++++++into one fantastic flame
++++++++++quite fiery bright,
++++++++++where once
++++++++++it was unknown.

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