the water
looks too cold
and deep,

sometimes it’s best
to dip a toe,
the temp thereby
to shyly test. . .
and, and if that checks,

then, further in
to slowly creep. . .

to ankles go,
and knees,
and hips,
chest, neck
and lips,
shoulders, elbow,

till gradually
you’re dunked
as far as possibilities allow,

including fingertips
and head,
and you’re all wet. . .

But maybe now
that procedure
seems too much,
and rather than try,
you’d grope for any allibi–
in fact,
you’d just as soon be dead–
fearing the slow approach to water
could feel like Chinese water torture,

If so,
it’s time to take
a different tack,
do something
of a quicker nature–

First, pace a few steps back,
but far enough to leave you
an ample runway-take-off track. . .

and then,
bound forth
and up,
eyes closed
thumb-finger pinched
so nose stays plugged,
to hold your breath
with other hand
you grab your shins,
your creaky knees
toward chest to cinch,

and so,
you’ll enter water,
sure and fast,
and this may feel
more simple to do,
than to go slow,
with steady breath,

for scarce you’ve thought
“Ready, set,-go!”
your mind-body
and relentless force of gravity
will do the rest,

so you’ll burst in
with one big splash–
it stings–
but, you take note,
you don’t go “splat!”
or land in one big heap

Either way,
you’ve immersed yourself
in what you strove
to do
quickly thus,
fairly so, by either method,

it comes to pass
you well succeed
your promise
to yourself
to keep.

And satisfaction
runs warmer
than that fearsome water
and penetrates
so much more deep.

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