Close your eyes
and look inside,
to see and feel
all that you have
and all you want. . .

For this
with crucial knowledge will
your coffers fill,
as never would be possible
from puzzling
model codicils
or sweating Aristotle
or the much more modern Kant.

Thus using guts
to dare to see within
will render gems of pearly wisdom
even in the absence
of your loving,
princess-costume-sewing aunt.

So dive right in
to inner vision
screwing courage
to your engine
and its fluid font

and drive through
forks and rocks
that tend
+++++to block,

+++++and your spirit
+++++much to daunt,

For I think
it’s more than plausible
you’ll get
to where you wish you’re going,

for your sweet power
will then be flowing,
and you will garner deep respect
and so deflect
the ones
who think you are a threat
and do their best
your journey
ever to haunt. . .

part of your strength,
+++++when you, fearless,
+++++look within,
you light the places that were dim
inviting plenty vigor and vim
befriended by a modicum of luck.

And you’ll induct
a transformation
in you and yours
and maybe even
every nation,

that flows so well,
you’d think
the river
was forever
there for you to drink,
and it becomes
hard to recall
that ever
you felt
so dead-stop-stuck.

So, close those eyes,
and look inside. . .

Here’s love to you,
to fuel your ride. . .

seeing truly
what you have
and what you want
will mean the demons
can but weakly taunt,

and your best dreams
will soon set
your real world’s scene,
while you are present,
and all the effort you have spent
will prove to be
oh so much more
than simply good enough.

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