When the rug
gets pulled
from under you,

the world
seems cold,
and you feel
quite worse
for the wear–

perhaps your clothes
have chanced to tear,
you’ve shed a tear,
or your good limbs
turned black and blue. . .

But it gets a little better,
as you ponder,
you have found,

You’re at no risk
for falling further,
nor have you need
for your firm footing
much to fumble,
since you’ve already
done your tumble. . .

And, step by step,
your heart rebounds,
freed from the fear
that, in it, beat,
and, at its strings,
did roughly tug,

once again,
that heart is set
to do its best,
in leaps and bounds,

So that
the memory
of your scary
trip toward earth
retreats and fades,
till you recall it
with a shrug,

And you, once more, can stand,
for, from your fall,
you have had
luck good enough
to land
on welcoming
and solid ground.

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