What DO you do
once it does
occur to you,
your world
is a mess?. . .

You do not feel
at the helm–
you spin fast
into overwhelm. . .

A sign
it’s time
to catch your breath. . .

Breathe slow and deep,
and get
a little rest,
so you pick up
this puzzling stuff,
refreshed. . .

and you can recognize

now that you know,
that the things
that you can do
are up to you,
and only you,

can you rise
and find
an aim that’s true?

Ditch all blame
of others
mussing your domain
and you–

but don’t trump up
more alibis. . .

Try something new,
approach the world
with brand-new eyes
to know in full
the many beings
that you see. . .

Then, act
quite systematically,
as you proceed
these beings
all to bless. . .

Then do your
chosen, living work
with them included
in the framework,
before you dive right in
to where
you’ll help the most,
with lots of care,

and thus
bring so much love
and other stuff
that everyone’s
in deepest need of,

and let the movement
for improvement
that you’ve begun
spread very wide. . .

so that,
when it is done,
all peace and happiness
will be supplied,

and all needs
will be satisfied,
for every being. . .

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