Each Tuesday’s a good day to chew,
with worldwide fellows
who’ve set aside this day
to chew with you.

when you go
to grab your food,
pause to remember–
God made you,
and saw that you were good,

and so,
He gave you
that wiggly, juicy tongue
and strong white teeth;
a mouth quite fit for watering,
with senses for delighting,

so that,
when you peaceful, sit in quiet,
down to eat,
and then you
chew and chew and chew,

in the end,
your food
gets so well chewed,
the blend of tongue-y juice
and spongy, soft
or chewy, crunchy
yummy food
into one well-mixed liquid,
gets construed. . .

For such is Nature’s way
to help you grow and live,
so that, in you,
ease and energy
may co-exist in harmony,
as your body
with one swallow
does allow
the slaking
both of hunger and of thirst
to follow.

due to your persistence
as you ate,
you might have to do
a double-take,
to look at what you used to be,
and what you are. . .
and appreciate
the difference.

For when you properly receive,
then become quite fit to give–

And in the balance
you will surely meet the challenge,
and the happiest way
that you can live
will soon become
the path of least resistance.

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