The Universe
into the void
at some past point
was introduced,

a splash of love
brought to the black,
hot specs of light
which we think we know
shine from elsewhere,
quite afar,
and know not
that we truly have it
all inside.

This crazy Universe
can somehow
+++++both deck us out,
++++++++++in a way
++++++++++we sense
++++++++++comes from without,
++++++++++bringing texture, sound, and color
++++++++++that fit around us
++++++++++like a glove,

+++++and at the same time,
+++++BE the key,
++++++++++deep-down in us,
++++++++++contained within our bones, our brain,
++++++++++in every cell of flesh and blood,

This truth
we feel,
to the degree
that we
with our fellows mesh,
not just
in our best-front finery
but also
playing in the sticky mud,

So that we
can flow so free,
cycling with Earth’s center fire,
and spinning
with the seeming tiny,
starry pyres,
which way
our small night eyes
can see,
though we think we spot them
only up above.

So, friend,
you’re a star–
and, though it’s sometimes, sadly, true
that push does come to shove. . .

We each hold the whole Universe,
within our bellies
and our clutch,
the same one
whose whole raison d’etre
was one great big splash of love.

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