Make a list,
and stick to it. . .

that’s almost better
than if you
rubbed a lamp
+++++with hands
+++++or edge of sweater,
blew out candles,
or hurled a penny in a river,
to make a wish. . .

the list’s reply
may take some sweat
and time,

and you will see
that the things
that come from it,
you may have to wait to get–

by and by,
when they come
in shot of ear or eye,
it’s far more likely,
+++++than your total sum
+++++receipt from that one wish
+++++++++++++++upon that little flicker-star,
++++++++++which you cast away so far,
that the goods
writ on your here-now list
will do the mere unlisted wish
one better. . .

for list-delivered goods,
you’ll see,
will be more apt to satisfy,
and come darn near
a perfect fit.

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