Light fades,
still bright,
winks out to dusk. . .

the evening
twixt day and night:

two moods
despair and hope–
do send me out
to get my heart
to beat a bit about
so many things
that lurk ahead,
their promise cloaked
as if it were
quite dead,

if my heart agrees
+++++to beat,
+++++my limbs to swing and step,
+++++to squeeze
+++++and move the lymph
+++++and make blood flow,

I think one day
I may progress,
success to know,

though now I grope
and grapple with
these tangled ropes,
their fibers thus to twine
into one line
quite smooth and straight,

to leave my path
in starry sheen
and full day sun
more clear and bright,

so I can take it all in stride,
and no longer hold
these many things
that I no longer need

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  1. Kay Salady says:

    I like how you’ve used the time of half-light as a means of expressing the melancholy between despair and hope and then taken it further by insinuating the fine line of slipping into darkness. You’ve wrapped it all up with a wonderful finale. This is really a brilliant piece of writing. Well done.

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