and containment–

the path
of every life
entails both,
in some sort of
dynamic flow
arrangement. . .

Connection and proximity
both play their roles

but if the mix
should sour toward rancidity,
resistance rears
its too-cramped head,
breaks roofs and walls
of overnurtured
to seek a needed,
healthy distance,
which may well breed
estrangement. . .

Though better visions
are a challenge to imagine,
the way of life
would turn within
and let ideas march
like happy children
in a joyful, festive pageant,
and when the vision does emerge,
the way to pave
the road there,
will, slow or fast,
become quite clear,

And detaiils flow
like gentle waves,
on how to build it well,
with all its parts in proper balance,
and in such a way
that every living party’s served,
and these
will come
in ample time
to let the power life
make manifest
the vision’s full attainment.

And, as the vision grows and swells,
more and more love comes to heal
what wounds there are,
while riding true
its anchoring arc,
much like
the night sky’s guiding bodies
in their timeless, starry raiment.

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  1. Kay Salady says:

    This piece is extremely powerful. Indeed, I feel that some circles are meant to be broken and new ones created. Well done!

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