Have some fun!–

of the kind
that, in your dreams,
you have quite often done. . .

it should not hurt,
and sure,
will spare
the wee, shy sprite
you have inside,
+++++ who dares not quite
+++++ allow herself
+++++ to show herself,
+++++ in such a way
+++++ she fears she might,
+++++ if she would just
+++++ happily ignite,
so that she
her fire
can (at last!)
let burn quite bright,
so she won’t have to stay
inert. . .

when the option
comes for fun–
don’t let it pass!

Spring into
whatever kind
of game or task
may be
the season’s
perfect action–

or something
more transcending space and time,

in order
to refresh your mind. . .

It may,
but need not,
bring into play
the raising
of a sturdy yurt. . .

and when you’re done,
you’ll be more ready
for a little work,

and you’ll know better
how to bring a smile
to at least one face
of an unsuspecting other–

and possibly,
to everyone
whom you encounter
here on Earth.

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