The free-for-all
of Friday. . .

it’s free
for all–
the power
+++++to see
+++++to time ahead,

+++++as well as
+++++to grasp
+++++the time that’s past–
+++++in total recall. . .

+++++the groans of grief
+++++the growls of anger
+++++the squeals of fear
+++++the moans of pain
+++++the ahhs of sweet-won satisfaction,
+++++sighs of exhaustion
+++++and relief
+++++the “Whee!” of joy–

+++++all of these
+++++can one with ease
+++++on Friday
+++++feel and employ. . .

+++++in coming days,
+++++from such Friday giddiness,
+++++one sails forth,

+++++one comes eventually
+++++anew ashore
+++++to refreshed energy
+++++and deeper peace.

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