It’s spring. ..
you’ve got this feeling
you’ve just got to
You could shout anything,
but it might be better
if it wasn’t something
that led you
or any other
after that
to pout.

what you need
is to
place you
in such a mood
from which
you’ll feel
so brave,
you’ll move
to weed
your needless weeds. . .
for you sure feel
so urgently
that you absolutely
go OUT!

Even if that means
­­­­­+++++to brave the mud,
­­­­­++++++++++if you’re so lucky
­­­­­++++++++++that, lately,
­­­­­++++++++++rain has come–
­­­­­+++++and if not,
­­­­­++++++++++to pull whatever’s grown
­­­­­++++++++++out from parched dirt
­­­­­++++++++++which may be hard to do,
­­­­­++++++++++might make you groan
­­­­­++++++++++(or hurt). . .
­­­­­+++++But then,
­­­­­++++++++++you will feel better
­­­­­++++++++++and SO much less alone,

­­­­­++++++++++even if
­­­­­++++++++++the company you get
­­­­­++++++++++is only thirsty dirt
­­­­­++++++++++and searching bees and birds,
­­­­­++++++++++which, over blossoms,
­­­­­++++++++++in search of nectar,
­­­­­++++++++++and squirrels running by
­­­­­++++++++++which you will see
­­­­­++++++++++but from
­­­­­++++++++++the corner of your eye
­­­­­++++++++++in silhouette
­­­­­++++++++++upon the fence. . .

All this may help
to fill and empty you
to feel more quiet. . .

But if you still
just want to shout,
you do not need an alibi–
you know,
from outward face and back
to inner glow,
that you’re yourself,
and this knowing
makes you so happy
you can cry
to anyone and thing
for miles about–

your voice,
at last,
rings out–

and it shouts,

for it’s the crux,
the be-all end-all stuff
that’s so often very tough
for folks
and birds and beasts
to come by–

and IF
it’s very true and good and wise
no one of us
(or them)
can ever really get too much.

and make it LOVE!–
Anyway you do it–
put your gut and heart into it. . .

and that will be enough.

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