Chew more,
and eventually,
you will release
your long emerging Spirit–

That’s great,
but, the trouble is,
with every gnash on every bite and bit,
your Spirit grows so large
you wrestle hard
to quell the urge
to stifle It. . .

For, while you’ve
long waited
and been baited
to this moment,
as to oasis image,
a mere mirage–
it’s not the same
once you do get to It–
and indeed,
you find
you fear It. . .

the clock of Time
moves on to tick,
and it
will be indeed a crime
and groundless offense to it,
if you don’t manage
to keep your fear in check to it,
and let free
to soar
your boundless Spirit. . .

bend your mind
in such a way
that you can let
your fear unwind,
to let the Spirit
reach your fenced defense,
and, leaping, bound so high,
that at last,
it has
a pass from you
to clear it.

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