is NO gain. . .
does it name you
to any Hall of Fame–
at least
to none on Earth
that be at all humane,
and which have
for you and humankind
your lasting basic worth
in mind–

So, as I said,
in and of itself,
does NOT equal gain–
but it can help
some sort of gain
to reach,
insofar as
you listen to it,
feel it, grasp it
learn what it
oh too too well
can teach–

That, perhaps,
there’ve been some gaps
between you and your best, right path
to your truest you
and to every
one and thing
upon, within
the vast, deep world, too.

And knowing just what kind of pain,
which you’ll identify and feel
and maybe even name,
can be of benefit
to show
which way
you may have gone astray,
and therefore which direction
now to go. . .

And then,
if you tune in
and listen,
feel again,
if yet again
you need a different road
that leads more straight or bent
than the one you went,
soon will come time
you will no longer need the pain
to teach you any more,

you’ll feel good,
and whatever turns you need to take
to stay the course,
you will
already know.

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