Avoidance. . .
a quite good way
to freeze in perpetuity
many a true calamity
or slightest rude annoyance. . .

engage your body-mind
experience its might and size
and grab that fearsome monster by the head,
stare it squarely in the eyes,
get to know it,
so you can become
each other’s guide,
let each save face,
maintain her pride,

all, which, now, may coincide,
that you have hit
a pace and stride
and you maintain
a playful stance and smile,
with humor and flamboyance,

and as you do,
those cares
channel into
the well banked waters
of your history,
to join all of your shining deeds,

where you will salute them
as they pass
and you thus
lend yourself
a new mobility
and buoyance.

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