Your smile crystalline
shines forward
through the years. . .
I smile back
through more than
a drapey screen,
and feel a fall
digging in and burying me
in feet
of fresh, heaped-tall,
unseasonally molten snow. . .

And you visit me–
a happy dream!–
where we could go together
to a place that (till now)
we could not ever know.

I hope
that we can meet again
where your sweet eyes especially shine,
and finally we see each other
(for we can)
in a brilliant afterglow.

Perhaps I ought to tell you–
or maybe I need not–
for where you are,
the feeling and the thought,
and the even more important parts we’ve got
are so much more accessible–
for you it may be clear to see,
that, at this very age and day,
my love for you
and yours for me,
come storm and all adversity,
do blend to one
that, warm, envelops me
and does forever grow.

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