Weird to think,
after all these years,
in one quick blink,
I see
I’m just the same
as all of you–
and completely different, too. . .

For now, at last, the time has come,
the journey weary, come to end,
at this particular bend–
I pause to find
I’ve been
at least a little blind,
flying so much solo,
riding, like quick flips of switch,
twixt soaring high and well-deep low,

I deftly take a twist
to taste
a different way to go,
let loose
full feelings in my body,
free to flow,
so that
I will truly know
to cut beyond the pain
of living with everyone and thing
so deeply intertwined–

my understanding thus
marched further,
to where I take connection softer,
on a broader, even panoramic, plain–

and a sense joy and peace
completely fill
my body-mind,

due to
this revelation,
so sudden in the consummation,
though the trek
that led to it
was very, very slow.

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