Every so often
time and again,
it’s time to take your mind,
and bring it to your body,
and to itself,
a married pair. . .

Allow it gentle wanderings there
into each fold
of every organ, synapse
and every cell of every kind,
where all your secrets dwell,
and let mind ask
what heart
and mind
and body need,
no more to hurt,
no more to bleed–

and a kind
of answers
no one ever told
will slowly be unrolled,
about your very Life,

which will be bound to make you bold,
so you will buy it now–
for keeps–
though, as with purchase
of a pig-in-poke
the best and worst may yet still come,
and thus, remain, for now,

and this will mean perpetually
that the new you,
who you
will call “me”
will NOT be undersold!

And knowing that
is worth far more
than the biggest
heap of gold.

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