Being a legacy. . .

I received
Life, a priceless gift to me,
which lets me
+++++how very oft I was once was tender kissed,
+++++with love that could set right
+++++whatever was amiss,
and recognize
+++++right now,
+++++just how
+++++much I was
+++++and still am

Now, I strive
to spread love in such a free, smooth way
the world won’t have to beg of me,

And, with some luck,
even at odds with
shoves that come to push
and push that comes to shove,
in the end,
the deal will show it will have been
well struck,
with brains and beauty,
plenty pluck,

and by the final time
I lay me down to sleep,
myself in final covers then to tuck,
my brightest visions
either to or near fruition
will have come,

and, with my goodbye,
my legacy
will live yet on
through some or other ones,
and will not lay to rest with me.

And I,
+++++ at that point,
+++++ whether I
+++++ some way
+++++ live on
+++++ or really, truly end and die,
will somehow know,
+++++ in the best way a body
+++++ ever hopes to show
that the world has seen
at least a little
of the best of me.

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