Chewing for the long haul. . .

Refrain from stewing
over slips
from good intentions
that your habits
and your stray desires
have you doing–
though you chew
with all
your wherewithal. . .

Let go the strain
of worries that
not every bite
will land quite right
nor be completely pulverized
and liquified
before it’s swallowed down,
clear out of sight. . .

that your every effort
adds up
to a sum
that’s truly something,
as night turns day,
and day turns night. . .

And know
that every bit
you do for YOU
will really matter,
in ways you so much want them to,
as all those bits,
taken together,
do slowly, surely make you better
and build your strength
to fully share with all the world
all that you were meant to do. . .

slip gracefully
beyond your slips. . .
ad don’t give up–
don’t let your bright dreams go. . .

but, rather
bite right in
with ample gusto,
and enjoy your life–

for you will gladly drink it up
once you’ve chewed on it enough,

day by day,
you just
keep the faith,
and grab your Life
right in your teeth,

so that,
with love,
you can help
the whole wide world
+++++to rise above
+++++the sticky mire
+++++where it’s stuck

and you’ll inspire
to do like you,
and chew and chew and chew and chew,

and live to see a brilliant dawn
where every petal
and each green leaf and stem
and lawn
that it does grow on
will finally shine,
much more alive
with drops of wondrous, sparkling dew.

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