Any of
(or all)
these things
can be productive,

on the course you choose,
based on your deep
and careful
inner sighting. . .

of you and others
in your life. . .

you’ll need in bundles,
as big resistance
may arise,

to meeting
simple needs:
to feed,
to rest, restore,
to ready all
of us to
savor, weather more,
both day and night,

As blur drops
from forward-seeing brain,
each step may trip, but must plod on,
for that’s what brings reality
with highest dreams
much more in line,
though hard, intrepid test it be,
to carve a way on untrod road
the effort takes you on your way to find
your own long wished for
perfect paradigm,

a trip which,
even though it takes some time,
will in some ways feel like you’re flying,
and that can be quite frightening,
while, comfy habits left behind
will sing and sound like sirens calling to you, crying
to render them their former time
and place and state of mind–

But, from them,
you’ve broken,
gone away–
you have escaped,
met up with Grace,

and reached the other side,
where lies your treasure,
deep inside,
your living chest
within your living hide–
no need to grip it tight,

for it belongs to you–
it’s just your simple pleasure. . .
you breathe it in and out. . .
it penetrates you,
so life has reached a brand-new best:
you have the solid feel
that all’s congealed,
so now you stand
upon a panoramic crest,
where you can see
that with you and for with your world
(though much more will yet be unfurled)
it will come eventually
that everything
will be all right.

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