on the back!


For EACH and for ALL
of the deeds that you do,
big and small–
The whole array!

And even
at times when
things don’t go so well,
pat yourself on the back,
so you don’t so low feel–
use your hand
in that way,
your own self to console!

And then,
when you’ve had
a good plenty of that,
bend and pick up that ball–
take it back–

For then,
you will find it a cinch
to stand tall
and to smile–
for every scant inch,
for every long mile–

And, before your day’s done,
just do your best,
but aim for a thousand
of those self-given pats–

And the joy
that will come
to your heart
and your guts
will make you confess
that each pat
on your own back
(though it
at first
felt quite silly)
gave such a boost to your soul
that you knew, finally,
that it truly and really
was well worth your while!

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