First walk
in the rain
for many a day–
very nice!

a true thirst slake
for the land
quite a bit more
snow and ice,
which flows way down
from high mountains–
with much due delay–
to our reservoirs. . .

For though
the rain on our heads
we can touch
and sure FEELS like ours,
along with
the wished quick-come rain
from great peaks afar–
both get too soon here
and thus, add much less
to our watersheds. . .

For it–
this instant fix
of rain come quick–
making our shoes and our streets so slick,
just as quickly
from our grasp does slip,
as all the volume of what came
in in a rush of liquid drip,
runs a good race
right back to its starting place,
as it all too soon
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++away. . .

in the time
we pass
in between,
it gives us no place
to run our sleds
and other games and toys
of good wintry play. . .

for now,
I will look to the sky
and send up a prayer,
from deep in my heart
and my plaintive mind’s eye,
for more winter wet
in all of its wise, blessed
some to use now,
and some to save up
for a rainy day. . .

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