Our winter program will now be interrupted by a word from our sponsor. . .

The word is appearing in so many forms–

Lengthened light. . .
Shortened night. . .

More springy squirrel leap and hop. . .

Baby daisies. . .
Sweet dainty yellow mushroom caps
that on the automatic sprinkled lawn
do shyly pop. . .

a brighter sparkle in the morning dew,
to name a few.

But for a stretch,
of piercing starlight
we will plenty get,
peppered by a planet bright
or two.

We pine for rain
to come again,

though it won’t come
just for our pain–

but there is still
much we can do,
to think well our lives to measure
and in the quiet cool to pleasure,
until the fuller reign of spring
comes over us to rule.

So, yes,
it’s true–
that for our surer water stores
we could much deeper piles of mountain snowpack use,
but that’s beyond what we can will
and only time will tell
what we will get,

and each season,
be it dry or wet,
will be sure to bring,
(in its predictability
and its unexpected,
year-specific changing),
some or other happy news.

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