Make your own!–

Even if you’re not
a magic
or a crafty crone. . .

what will fit
or please your heart
or palate
may get marked
on NO ONE else’s ballot. . .

and it can’t flip
from some other body’s skillet,
despite some greater skill or talent
with which
they might be blessed–

it comes only
from YOUR own trepidation, terror,
before you face the vasty spanse
of your imagination,
your deep desire in the mirror,

then, sleeves rolled up,
your plodding trial and error
and your messy mess. . .

But though
the prospect
may seem daunting,
the grim forethought
is sometimes
the most haunting part. . .

Which melts away,
when you, on your quest
and journey start,
and do your best,

But, in the end
your unshared sail to failure
is quite unlikely
to impale you,

should the gods,
with their own purposes,
to lead you to success–

will please your heart,
like nothing else,
I trust,
for it’s more than just
a spindly bone,

And the earthly credit,
and internal joyful smile,
will be,
first and foremost,,
your very

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