Basking in gold,
slant, afternoon light
of this final day of our year,
that kisses white feathers
on pelicans backs
as they slide in to bathe,
lake shore near,

I hold hope
close in sight,
awaiting with joy
all the people and things
so good and so bright
that will enter my life–

not just when New Year rings
but throughout all its minutes of fame,
as it
its year-long song sings,

And I wish
that YOUR hope
and whatever it takes
to make your heart sing
will fill you head to toe, too,
and surround you,

as part
of what YOUR next year brings
and fires your mind and your body and heart
to grow as you want to,
and render you one year more tender
and one year more strong,
both ready and eager
for another good year,
right from the start.

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