When you peer
into that glass,
and feel
a little bit
of fear. . .

Same face,
same place. . .
though now,
a different time. . .

The lifelong climb
has had the grace
upon your spirit-body-mind
to leave its trace. . .

It leaves you
strong and wise,
becoming so much more
the you
that has not,
won’t be
compromised. . .

Quiet your heart. . .

and see the flowering
that’s occurred. . .
not quite before
very eyes,

but, as you have
this long endured,
some notice
you have drawn–
so that your flowering’s
sometimes been,
by others glimsped
or overheard. . .

Too much you’ve lived,
along your path
to see all that
u – n – f – o – l – d – i – n – g
by looking
only in that looking glass. . .

most of this
has come to pass
at diverse, remote locales,
distant from
your safe, small space
you think your fortress
where you
your best resources
do amass. . .

What is to come
is yet unclear,
but even now,
so much you’ve done
that’s so important
and sure, would be left undone
without you here. . .

So, though memories myriad–
some dread, some dear–
bright spots of fun
with doldrum grey,
fiery red anger’s sway
and darkest fear–
Which all gives you pause
and makes you want to feel
the die is cast,
the best is past,
you’ll never
make yourself a name–

Such feelings
are just best
to toss!!

For it is NOW–
the time that’s ripe
to claim
the magic rainbow
that makes colors
out of rain,

The way ahead’s
unseen, unknown–
but what waits there
is worth more
than any prior price-
for your best satisfaction
and weighty contribution
will see incarnation
there. . .

A dream, a prayer
come to fruition,
light, and air–
when you but take
that leap of faith. . .

And choose to
DO and DO and DO
what you can do,
(and rest between)
without forgetting
time for resting
and for
BEING you. . .

that is to say,
you really care. . .

And, if you do–
just because of that,
you are prepared
to DARE.

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