The hour’s now
the bets are off
no more time to waste
in gawks
or gapes
at other’s lacks,

No more energy to spend
on their inventories,
no more space
in which
to scrumble up your face
in such a pose
you used to use,
at them to scoff. . .

Your blinders
must at last
be tossed,
for, push come to shove,
all signs conspire
to tell you
you were meant to lead

No more waiting
for the charming prince–
not even for a trusty steed
on which to ride!

You may just
have to venture out
or sally forth
upon your own feet’s tread,
in order for this fiction
+++++that of your own life’s kingdom
+++++(or rather QUEENDOM!),
+++++you could be any less
+++++than the unique and regal,
+++++sovereign head
to be absolutely, positively,
once and for all,
according to your will
driven out

For you
have got great work
to do,
for the world’s been long
in need of you
and there’ll be deep passion
and pervading satisfaction
in it
for you, too,

Because it’s exactly
what you’ve–
o-h+++++s-o+++++ l-o-n-g–
so deeply longed
to do. . .

And in the consummation
of the murmured whispers
of your heart
and the richest dormant seeds
your live imagination,
you’ll finally find
precisely what it takes
to thine own self be true. . .

really to get into it–
to slide well in your smoothest groove
and hit your simple, easy stride–
to get you there,
may take a little day or two.

So I invite you
to intuit,
and start to believe
and think and feel
and LIVE
what that means for you.

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