The Unexpected
pops up all the time,

but often it is so routine
there fires not even
one neuron
that’s ever started
or has stopped for it,
or upon it
much reflected. . .

even when
the future feels gone,
for loss and grief. . .
and loneliness abounds
as you get cramped
amid a crowd,
where fear and anger build
and clamor there,
(TOO loud!),

and each raise
their dreaded leaf,
and with that interjected
event of the Unexpected

You might find
it will be best,
for you
to just move on,

And improvise
each time and place
you sense
you simply cannot
make a plan.

And even when
you’re very sure you don’t,
“Act as if. . .”

and there may come an hour soon
when you’ll find
you know that you believe,

and things will come
that you would have thought,
according to your prior slant,
could not,

and you will somehow
see you’ll do
stuff you absolutely swore you can’t
but now,
you see
you CAN.

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