We say
“I do,”
we want
so very much
to live
a way that’s new
and different. . .

though deep grooved
old paths
will gasp their loud and ghastly gasps
to beg us from our new road to relent. . .

they hurt inside
and make their threats
to make us cry,

but we hear
some good familiar tunes
that make us want to dance,
to bounce,
to wiggle well,
shake off their rants,
and oddly this new way
feels at once good
and hard and awkward
on this day. . .

But one day
I will
at last
be relaxed and natural,
not just in a future vision,
but in my flesh and bones’
position actual. . .

and I will sigh,
so glad
I gauntleted to duel
with those spirits seeming supernatural,
so that I would finally have my way,

my brand new way,
and have it feel
quite welcome
and at home,
once I broke loose and got free
to invite it
here to stay.

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