For the love
of a mother. . .

and then,
for the love
of my bosom brother. . .

and again,
I’m feeling
the loss of the one
that’s so long’s been
over and done,
the love
of my dearest father. . .

The completion
of the loss
of the total of two,
+++++so fresh
+++++and astir
+++++as ripples still there
+++++from the wake
+++++of a just-passed boat

makes many steps
my feet take
seem heavy,
of great import–

I’m in a brand-new state,
where the heads
+++++that brought me forth,
+++++like water from a watershed,
have done their time
and now their reigns supreme
have, at last, dared to abdicate. . .

So, we two
are left alone
with destinies we must discern,
and aim to carry through,
and though at crossroads
we have taken
different turns,

the blood warmth
through our veins
is what remains
of our forebears' forms.

How now
to reforge
and reinforce
that bond,
and help it grow
to where it will ne'er have been that strong
is something we have yet to learn,
and can naught
but do that
as we go along.

So, we don't know
how it will end. . .

But let it begin,
if not with wide open arms,
at least,
with the reach
of an outstretched hand.

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