It’s been a full day.
It will be a full week.
For me. Maybe for you, too.
And this moment we live in
is maybe full too,
as we speak.

And so, going forth,
I’m praying
for the strength and the courage
to make this new week
into a time
that will build
my strength and courage. . .
and stoke my life force,
so it freely can float
through my bones,
and, too,
through my blood, course

So that,
when it comes to
the week after that
I’ll be in a place to do
and to dare and not die,
a place to laugh a lot,
and also to cry,
without having to. . .
without force. . .
and without having to stop
or reach too deep
to ask why.

I’m hoping the same will be true
for you too,
of course.

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