EASY! EASY! that’s what does it!

Easy, easy!
That’s what does it!

Even though
an iron grip,
a gripping ire
may seem efficiently
to grab our bull
square by its horns
and that that
would be the ticket–

And driven fear,
+++++or the mode of do-or-die,
+++++should you from dueling
+++++seek an alibi,
might be the spur
that pricks you on
from foes
or raging beasts
to fly. . .

And heated sweat
might be deemed,
when really going at it
or "relaxing"
in a room of steam,
to be a sweeter salve
than the act
of tasting, salivating,
and then swallowing
the best
of tantalizing
rich sweet cream,

Or that bawling,
fiercely tearing eyes
could be the best
to mend the heart
and let the sadness flow
and finally pass,

But if the storm
too largely gets its sway,
it could be true
the post-storm day
may feel
less clean
and more storm-torn. . .

So maybe
it's best to keep in mind
we came here as a baby,
and understand,
through every storm
and beat of heat on desert sand,
we must gently, firmly
all our needs and dreams,
as best we might be able,
so we avert
a cracked hull breach,
and remain whole,

so we, in full,
will our higher level reach,
and, from there,
continue on
so new and fresh
as if we just
had been

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2 Responses to EASY! EASY! that’s what does it!

  1. being born and rebirth are a way to live better life maybe, thanks for focusing on hopeful avenues for life.

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