If what you have
or what you do
doesn’t seem to count
for you,

maybe it’s time
you spent
a sec or two
to count
how you are blessed,

and how much
of late
and over all the time
that spans your age
you really have progressed. . .

For if you omit
to count
all that,

you’ve overlooked
the fount
that has the power
to touch you,

and help you feel
all that you get
and truly have to keep
from any source
while you wake
and while you sleep,

and thereby know
to what incredible degree
you’re truly blessed.

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2 Responses to COUNT!

  1. changing our way of looking at things is indeed a smart move.
    very inspiring poetry.

    • Also, I liked your post about the key, but do not see where to comment on it on your blog. Some nice allegorical play.

      You took over the orignal Jingle’s url, didn’t you? I think I vaguely recall that?

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