are you ready?
for me?

are you ready?
for the world?

I guess the world must be
ready for me,
or I would not have
up till now
so far
unfurled. . .

And, me,
the girl,
by virtue of nativity,
must have, some way,
when come out of Infinity,
been ready for the world.

But as yet,
I still strut and fret,
and sweat,
still fighting so to see
just how and where
in here,
and way out there
I’ll ever fit. . .

and I hope,
in time,
those beads of sweat
will cede
or change
to softly luminesce,
part of the glow
of Wisdom’s pearls. . .

I wonder if,
for that,
it’s best
my hair to dress
quite flat and straight,
or to wind it up in curls?

Perhaps it makes no difference–
it’s not an outer test–
but time will tell
what we now
can only guess:

Will my wish
for wisdom
ever in my life
be met?

In this body,
deep inside,
I would expect
that I will need
an open mind. . .

and a softer stance
of every cell
of every organ
of my being
that’s made for sense,

to free up Wisdom
to flow toward me
and then,
in me confide,

so that my mind and spirit
need no longer hide,
and for them to be amply fed
just as the Universe
has always meant.

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