Given to me for linking in to participate in yet another Poets' Rally, a weeklong read and comment fest where poets share their work, and read and encourage each other.  It is my pleasure to have participated in quite a number of these by now.
I stick my foot
right through the floor. . .
the wood gives way
it doesn’t hold me
any more. . .

I fall with it,
but just a bit. . .

land on that foot
just like a cat–
imagine that!

or thing
is looking out for me. . .

I grow in balance,
flexibility. . .
awareness, strength. . .

and now
an encounter with
a breaking floor
or shaky ground
leaves me on course
and well intact,
my composure sound–
just as before.

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6 Responses to LANDING LIKE A CAT

  1. M.A.S. says:

    Well written. Good rhyme, and positively reassuring!

  2. Bristo Jiu says:

    the title is sizzling,

    powerful write.

    Happy Rally.

  3. SiNA says:

    I love the image you’ve depicted here. the deeper message I can simply feel.

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