Trying to get through something I’m doing, and thinking of how each little bit makes it a bit less left to do, the project closer to completion. It calls to mind, for some reason, two nursery rhyme/kid-type songs, “The Farmer in the Dell” and “Ten Little Indians.”

I kind of have to wonder about both these songs. The first one kind of doesn’t make a lot of sense, I’m not sure what it generally means for one character to “take” the next, because in the end, “The cheese stands alone. . .” But, how is it there if the mouse took it? I guess it can’t take anything else. . .

“Ten Little Indians” ends up with “And then there were none,” in the second version here ( Have to wonder about the cultural context in which it first arose, because it’s not a great story, if you’re an Indian.

But I do like the countdown trajectory in both songs. Simple, but kind of reassuring images to the way things sometimes go in life. I also really like the idea of that cheese standing alone, as if to prevail over all the other bigger, more animate beings, and perhaps even the dell (valley), the even larger thing supporting all other persons, animals and things in it.

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