[In Memory and appreciation]

Travel is a broadening experience.
It makes one appreciate home.

+++++++++++++++~my father

A kernel of wisdom
wrapped up in a rough husk
of ironic wit
so writ,

in a letter to me
while I enjoyed a young woman’s journey,
a pilgrimage to the heart of me:

+++++future. . .

++++++++++present. . .

Tongue in cheek–
so typical of dad–
in that irony-clad
but vibrant seed,
+++++(over which I, in frustration, puzzled,
+++++my rite of passage’s worth
+++++being, in confusion, muffled)
there dwelt a germinative power
which, over me has grown up
and begun to tower. . .

what better gift to child
can man bestow,
than to point to
bounty in reach of home
allowing her in child-like wonder of it
so to grow,
no matter how far off she ventures
or close in she stays to gather?

I love you, Dad.

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