New day–
fresh slate–
where our desire
comes into play. . .

and sunshine
early day–
veiled, shy–
has ventured in our company
only she knows why. . .

but in such company,
we can be free
to let ourselves be spurred
with ordered arcs
in different sorts,
and directions
of force–
like electricity
that animates our form
and stimulates our mind
and soul

to seek the path–
here, of skidding rock–
there, of good, firm grass–
perhaps first trod or etched out long ago–
our meant-for way
that we can strive
each moment
of each day
to walk
and deeply know.

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2 Responses to NEW DAY, FRESH SLATE

  1. hannah says:

    beautiful writing. i like your style a lot. and i like this particular piece the best. love the concept of new beginnings…like that song, “every new beginning is some other beginning’s end…”

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