Poor of light
poor of warmth

but rich in
dying, bright-colored
crisp-baking, -frying
last-gasping, slowly falling
leaves. . .

poor of time and oomph
to complete the ordinary, every day
and the celebratory tasks
which are the year’s end-month specialty

rich in moonlight, and in stars atwinkling
and puzzles
over what the passing time can mean–
How was the year?
My life till here?
And how will we see,
looking for the answers to these questions,
come all future Christmases to be?

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9 Responses to DECEMBER

  1. kvennarad says:

    I clicked ‘like’ because I can’t remember ever seeing a poem with the word ‘oomph’ in it before.

    Marie Marshall

  2. Love it, Elaine! Thi line especially rings true:
    and puzzles
    over what the passing time can mean–

  3. William Leed says:

    Very nice. I look forward to browsing through your blog and getting more familiar with your work.
    I have nominated you to receive the Liebster Blog Award. To receive this award please go to the following link:

  4. What a perfect description of this time of the year, combining reality and reflection. I enjoy your poetry, Elaine.

  5. Morning says:

    perfectly theme fitting, well done.

  6. ManicDdaily says:

    Very lovely sound and rhythms. K.

  7. How fleeting is time and how soon another December hails another Christmas/ Lovely words.

    Anna :o]

  8. Renee Espriu says:

    I like what I see already. My first time to your site. Thought I’d take a look around after you visited mine. A nicely written post to bring us to the end of the year and await another to come.

  9. chimnese says:

    Hi there Elaine i have a xmas gift for you.
    You are featured here,
    wish you all the best for the new year with your writing adventure.

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