Purpose can cut slow and smooth
like water wearing down rock

Or fast and rough, like metal hacking
or saw-toothing through wood,

Or invisibly, it can catch and push
like wind that fills and propels
a sail to drive a boat
from dock to sea
or sea to dock. . .

All as it’s meant to be
moving ahead for the good.

* To find a revised version of this poem, dated June 3, 2014, please see:

A poet’s work is never done–
assuming many guises,
and if one is a lucky one,
now and then,
accepting a few prizes–
such nice surprises!!
Thank you again, Rally poets,
for your beautiful writing
and attentive reading!

I nominate Victoria Slotto!

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7 Responses to ON PURPOSE

  1. Heaven says:

    Nice metaphors you used here to describe purpose…moving ahead is a good direction.

  2. Jennifaye says:

    Moving onwards… this is what makes life worth living.

  3. Morning says:

    well stated opinion on purpose, great motion in the end,

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Renee says:

    A time and a place and where we go with it and the time it takes can be very different. Well written.

  5. Clever analysis of what it takes to move ahead. Nicely written.

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